Monday, January 15, 2007

Studio Opening

Photos Do Not Bend is a unique combination of a fine art gallery and a full-service studio. As a gallery, we specialize in traditional silver gelatin prints (the kind that are printed by hand in an actual darkroom from film) and alternative processes of photography (such as infrared film and manipulated Polaroids). Come by for gallery walk 6-9 pm on seleted evenings.
In addition to shooting special events and portraiture on location, custom framing is available for both the fine art on the walls, and the assignment work that is created for you.

Photos Do Not Bend opened seven years ago as a gallery, but as time went on, I realized it had the potential to be more. In January of 2007, I started to rock the space as both a gallery and a studio. In order to have the ability to switch back and forth, I designed some equipment that would make it an effortless reality.

I designed a piece of furniture on wheels that is a print bin for the gallery on one side, and holds studio equipment on the other.  With the pull-down paper, and this print bin on wheels, I'm able to switch back and forth from gallery to studio, and back again in ten minutes. 

As a gallery, it’s a showcase for my personal work as well as for other guest artists that I host from time to time. As a studio, no matter what the weather is doing outside, we can shoot. We specialize in small precious objects, such as babies and children.

What I love about this gallery/studio is that it’s a place where I can hold court; it’s a home for my work. Even if no one buys a print, my hope has always been that it’s a place where I can inspire people.

Photos Do Not Bend is a versatile place, a forum for ideas where we often host workshops, and even some late night parties where we bring the community's artistic minds together. Come in and buy some photographic art that speaks to you, or get inspired to go off and shoot your own work.